Fix Damaged or Dented Drywall in Your Home

Fix Damaged or Dented Drywall in Your Home

Turn to us for sheetrock services in Lafayette, LA

Maybe roughhousing got a little out of hand, or maybe you were hanging pictures and lost control of the hammer. We aren't concerned with how the drywall damaged happened- we'll fix it. Lafayette Roofing & General Contractors provides the Sheetrock services you need.

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Set up new sheetrock in your home

Whether you're finishing your basement or building an extra room, you can trust us to take care of the drywall installation. We install new drywall and replace your existing drywall. In many cases, minor drywall repairs are enough. We'll let you know if you need a full replacement or just repairs.

How do you know when your drywall needs to be replaced? Watch out for:

  • Large holes and cracks
  • Water damage and discoloration
  • Splintering
  • Bumpy surfaces

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